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Have a tight deadline for getting your CE hours? Get face-to-face instruction combined with online classes to save you money and time away from your work, family and other things you love to do. Watch for our upcoming specials

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Reiki I, II, III – Reiki is a type of healing that involves laying on of     hands. These classes include learning hand positions, listening to intuition, symbols and involving this type of healing in your massage practice. The classes build one upon the other and previous levels are required before more advanced levels. (Reiki I and II – 6 CE Hours each – Reiki III [Master] – 48 CE Hours)


Self Care – Stretches for self care of the body worker and benefits. (2 CE Hours)


Polarity – Teaches about the lines and fields of energy in the body by helping them to flow more freely. These teachings use the relationships of the five elements and how they affect the bodies. The principals of Polarity work with the physical and emotional bodies as well as nutritional and spiritual choices. (4 CE Hours)


Acupressure Facial – Using pressure points in the face and body to tighten and firm face muscles and skin. Level I(6 CE Hours) Level II(12 CE Hours) Level III(18 CE Hours) Level IV(24 CE Hours)


Back Massage – Includes additional techniques for massaging the back. Combining all techniques would allow for a full hour massage on the back alone. (6 CE Hours)


Foot Massage – Combining Reflexology and relaxation techniques for maximum benefit to the client in addition to massage. (6 CE Hours)


Hand Massage – Combining Reflexology and relaxation techniques for maximum benefit to the client in addition to massage. (6 CE Hours)


Muscle Releasing – Pressure techniques and massage hints to help release tight and cramped muscles. (8 CE Hours)


Muscle Stretching – Stretching and manipulating techniques to enhance and improve on the massage relaxation and benefits. (8 CE Hours)


Muscle Traction – Techniques for assisting the body to return to balance and equilibrium. (8 CE Hours)


Acupressure Massage – Using the feet and body weight to increase pressure for muscle releasing and relaxation for the client. (18 CE Hours)



Number of CE HOURS: Class Cost: Pre-Register*:

2 $50 $35*

4 $170 $145*

6 $180 $165*

8 $215 $195*

10 $225 $200*

12 $300 $275*

16 $425 $380*

18 $450 $395*

24 $475 $455*

32 $520 $495*

48 $765 $745*

* Pre-registering for a class applies when paid in full 10 days or more in advance. Group Rates are available. Discounts offered when signing up for more than one class. Special pairings of classes receive greater discounts:

Self Care (2 CE) + Polarity (4 CE) = $195 ($220 Reg. Price)

Reiki I (12 CE) + Reiki II (12 CE) = $550 ($600 Reg. Price)



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